The uk Swiss fake Omega Aqua Terra XXL is a whopping great land yacht for the wrist

Today a rough count yields just over 61 Aqua Terra variations in the Swiss fake Omega range. There are iterations as small as 30mm and offered in both quartz and mechanical. Precious metal and gem-set versions sit next to the Ultra Light golf editions crafted out of Gamma Titanium with a pop-out shrouded crown. From time-only to chronograph, GMT and world-time versions, the only commonality is their 150m water resistance rating and, with one exception, a broad arrow tipped minute hand.

While there are many stand out pieces, for sheer visual impact the XXL Omega replica watches online UK have held their own.

In some regards this Swiss made copy Omega is totally out of fashion today. The reins have been pulled firmly in on what was a steady increase in watch size just a few years ago. Today many are of the opinion that 38 and 39mm is the ideal watch size for them with 36mm not out of the question either.

If any more condemnation was required, aside from its brash 49.2mm size, a certain anti-style icon, Jeremy Clarkson, often wore this watch’s predecessor the Railmaster XXL. That aside, this AAA fake Omega UK does have some redeeming features.

Whilst small wristers may require diminutive dials, there is the same problem at the other end of the scale, Clarkson himself is 6ft 4, towering over Richard Hamond’s 5ft 5 frame. For myself at 6ft 1 with a 7.25 inch wrist, the XXL Omega Seamaster replica for men may be considered a marginal description.

I first saw this 1:1 fake Omega in person on the wrist of a very senior banking manager. At the time I had not really commenced my luxury watch journey, but this timepiece made an impact on me and it would be a couple of years later in 2017 that I tracked one down after contacting super clone Omega ADs and learning the watch had recently been discontinued, I finally obtained one second hand from Govberg via Chrono24.

The most striking feature of this luxury replica Omega is the broad expanse of grey, teak deck styled, dial.

On an alligator leather strap, the watch will not purposefully test the Aqua portion of its name and its 150m water resistance, not too bad for a non screw-down crown. In a nice hidden detail the internal top copy Omega strap stitching is red. I do just wish the pin buckle was just a little scaled up to match the watch head but it does an adequate job of securing the strap.

FYI: while cheap replica Omega state that they respect the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, caution may have to be exercised if you plan to import this watch on its factory strap as it has been known for some Customs agencies to confiscate an entire watch if it arrives on an exotic strap without CITES documentation. Hermes actually caution their customers travelling with exotic leather handbags to carry CITES documentation, however, a watch strap is likely to receive a lot less scrutiny than a handbag.
This watch still appears on the fake Omega website 2021 but is tagged as no longer available, secondary prices are starting to head back up on this watch after dipping a few years ago, so if it appeals to you then now is the time to track one down (they’re priced around $5000 AUD on Chrono24). If you want to push the boat out, Swiss movement replica Omega still offer a limited edition (88 pieces) white-gold version with smooth white enamel dial, Breguet numerals and blued Omega adorned hands for $26,000 USD.

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